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→ The Masters Review | Book Review: Women by Chloe Caldwell


The book situates itself firmly in the precedent of queer women’s fiction; hardly a few pages go by without a reference to Anne Carson, Jeanette Winterson, or, in one case, The L Word. Caldwell uses these as tethers for her own book, and earns a spot for herself among those she references. She brings to the page such an urgency that it is impossible not to be swept up, to remember what it was like when we ourselves were so engulfed by another person that when we emerged, we had to struggle to find ourselves again. Women is a skillfully and engrossingly written novella, a small slice of overwhelming love and heartbreak, and the search for belonging and self. Caldwell proves herself as a writer to watch in the coming years.

WOMEN by Chloe Caldwell

when your gorgeous friend writes a gorgeous book and it starts a wave of gorgeous praise, there’s really nothing else to say. 




→ Maggie Nelson on 10:04


By the time I finished 10:04, I felt I knew some: not being ashamed of the desire to make a living doing what we love, while also daring to imagine “art before or after capital”; paying as intense attention to our collectivity as to our individuality; demanding a politics…



Kathy Acker’s Clothes, Kaucyila Brooke, 1998, 2004




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